Medical Equipment Planning Services

Master Planning

During Master Planning and Programming, we work closely with the Owner and Project Team to develop accurate equipment lists and cost estimates based on specific departments and spaces included in the Program.   As the Program changes we adjust the equipment list and cost estimate to match the Program.   

Schematic Design

In Schematic Design the project's departments and spaces become better defined along with their adjacency to other spaces and departments.   We refine the equipment list and cost estimate to match the design changes.  When applicable, we assess existing equipment to determine it's impact on the project's cost and design as well as provide technical information to the design team.   

Design Development

During Design Development we continue to refine and finalize the equipment list - fixed, major movable and minor movable items.  We accomplish this through conducting stakeholder meetings to define their equipment needs. At the same time we work closely with the design team to provide them with the detailed technical information needed to finalize design of the project's spaces and building systems. We support architects by providing Revit families for equipment in the project.  We can also populate the Revit model with equipment included in the project. 

Construction Documents

During development of Construction Documents we work closely with the Owner's Stakeholders to finalize outstanding equipment decisions. This enables us to provide the design team with owner approved equipment information to be used as a Basis of Design.  This includes all design critical equipment. We continue to coordinate equipment information with the design team throughout design and development of Construction Documents. 

Support during Construction

After Construction Documents (CDs) are issued, we meet with the contractor for a "page-turn" session to go through equipment included in the project. This provides the contractor with a clear understanding of equipment included in the project as well as its requirements for rough-in and installation.  We develop the Procurement & Delivery Schedule to support the Owner and Contractor's activities.  We support the contractor with coordination activities focused on vendor installed and contractor installed equipment. We  update CDs to reflect owner approved equipment changes during construction.

Procurement & Start-up

We can support the owner with a variety of services during the procurement and or start-up process.  We can provide basic support to their internal procurement team or take a more hands-on approach and complete specific tasks associated with the procurement process.  Most often, the determining factor driving the owner's need for additional or external resources to meet a project schedule is the amount of internal resources available at a critical time in the project's schedule.    


IHP Equipment Planning Services (pdf)


IHP Overview - Equipment Planning (pdf)