Insight Health Tech Planning - Canada

About Us

We are  a Healthcare Equipment and Technology Planning company, striving to help Hospitals deliver a new form of patient care by applying the latest Technology trends to Healthcare workflows.

  • Accumulative experience in:
  • healthcare design,
  • Equipment planning
  • Healthcare Technology Planning
  • Hospital Administration
  • Project Management ,implementation and delivery
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Furniture Planning
  • Revit Modeling

Our staff has a wide range of experience in healthcare project delivery in the North American and international markets. Undertaking projects in Canada, the USA, Europe and the Middle East. We specialize in healthcare technology and equipment planning, project management, assisting clients to develop RFP’s for projects, develop work plans to deliver Digital/Smart Hospital automation and interoperability.

Insight Health Tech Planning (IHP) was established in Mississauga, Ontario in 2014.