Medical Equipment Planning

Equipment planning activities start early with the development of an accurate equipment list and cost estimate.  Project specific information can be developed as soon as a Space Program is available. Working closely with the owner’s stakeholders;  physicians, administrators, department managers, clinical engineering and other staff, we define and finalize the project’s equipment needs.  This ultimately defines the budget and confirms the technical requirements for the project’s equipment. ​

We provide technical information to the design team as soon as the project’s preliminary equipment database is developed.  While we work with the owner to finalize equipment decisions, we provide the design team with detailed equipment information to be used as a Basis of Design. 

We work closely with the project’s medical planners, supporting their design efforts, by providing additional information regarding space requirements around equipment for operational workflows, staff and patient access, maintenance, travel paths for patients and equipment.  We work closely with the architect’s Revit model manager to follow the project’s Revit guidelines and standards. We can provide architects and planners with Revit families for equipment in the project or support them by populating the Revit model with equipment in the project. 

Before construction begins we start working with the contractor to ensure they are aware of the equipment included in the project, as well as any special equipment requirements that will impact their construction schedule or work efforts.  We work closely with the owner and contractor to develop a detailed Procurement & Delivery Schedule for all owner furnished equipment in the project. 

We support the owner's internal procurement team by offering a variety of services ranging from basic support to full responsibility for specific tasks. During construction we work closely with the contractor and vendors to coordinate activities supporting delivery, installation, testing and training.